has worked in the field of education for over fifteen years in the private and public sectors of health and education organizations. She is well-respected for her work with the Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems, Native Hawaiian Charter Schools, and independent Native Hawaiian organizations. As a consultant, Kanoe has built on her professional knowledge and practice in administration; grant writing, curriculum, professional and program development.  She has founded and administered non-profit organizations and holds extensive experience in today’s 21st century schools with a focus on online learning and virtual education.


comes from a diverse international and professional background. For the past eight years David has been the Director of Publishing at Bess Press Inc, an internationally recognized educational and trade book publishing company that specializes in Hawaiian and Pacific Island themed content. He is also a partner with Pass-the-Projects, one of the fastest growing digital design company’s in Hawai‘i. Pass-the-Projects specializes in combining traditional and interactive media together for use in the mobile era. Currently, David serves as the President of the Hawai‘i Book Publishers Association, a not-for-profit organization comprised of the state’s preeminent book publishers, consultants, and distributors. Prior to Hawai‘i David worked in academic administration at Webster University Thailand and as an independent educational film producer.


is a native of Kekaha, Kaua‘i and has a doctorate in Applied Linguistics from the University of Waikato in New Zealand. He has been a teacher of Hawaiian language at the Universities of Hawai‘i at Hilo and Manoa for over fifteen years. Keao has spent considerable time living overseas across the Pacific, particularly in New Zealand and Tahiti, where he studied language teaching theory. A fluent speaker of Hawaiian and other languages, Keao is an expert in translation and author of several Hawaiian language books. Keao has been involved in the restoration of such cultural sites in Nu‘alolo Kai, Kānei‘olouma, and Po‘okū heiau.


is well known and respected for his work in cultural and historical preservation on Kaua‘i. His deep-rooted Kaua‘i history in addition to his international education and studies is the reason for his profound knowledge and intellect of culture and history. Randy, like his father, Frederick B. Wichman is often known for his lectures on the stories and place-names of his home island, Kaua‘i. His 30+ years of experience led to authoring of the government compliance reports for the County of Kaua‘i and State Historic Preservation Division. Randy has served as curator of the Kaua‘i Museum and is a recognized authority on the history of Kaua‘i by the Federal, State and County governments.  He has extensive and invaluable regulatory experience on all historic preservation issues.